About Us

Stealing Genius is a four-piece independent alternative rock band from Northern Virginia. With influences ranging from progressive rock to blues to world music, Stealing Genius forges a sound in their original music that is emotional, intense, and uniquely catchy.

Members of Stealing Genius have performed together in previous projects at Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, the Thunderdome in Baltimore, Bungalow Billiards in Chantilly, and the Grog and Tankard in DC. The band is pursuing opportunities to support local and regional acts at venues in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Please contact stealinggenius[at]gmail.com for inquiries.


Monique: Vocals, Synth Pads


Frank Ebbert: Percussion

Frank Ebbert

Scott Gruber: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Scott Gruber

Sujin John: Bass

Sujin John

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